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Principal's Corner

TES Principal Tricia Langford

Temple Elementary Families and Students,

Welcome to Temple Elementary where we are boasting with TIGER PRIDE! At TES, we believe in reaching students, teaching students, and inspiring students. This does not come easy. That is why we need your support in our educational endeavor.  Education is the key to freedom, the key to new opportunities, and opened doors.  As parents and community members raising children, we want to focus on raising independent contributing members to society. This is no easy task, and it really does take a village to raise a child. You are in luck at TES! We are a village of loving, caring staff members who want to help watch your child succeed! With success comes failure, lots of it and that is ok. It’s how we, as humans, learn to pick ourselves back up and take on the world again! We believe in success through NOT giving up.  We will have high expectations for your children; we do this because we believe in them. We will support your students; we do this because even adults need support at times.  We will care about your child’s emotional, physical, and academic states of mind, because we pride ourselves in teaching the WHOLE child, not just the academic realm.  


Tricia Langford, Ed.S.
Temple Elementary 
"My destiny is my choice!"