Title I

Temple Elementary School's Schoolwide Notebook and Plan are available in the front office.

The Parent Resource Center is located in the main office.

TES Contact: DeAnna Holloway Phone: 770-562-3076    Email: DeAnna.Holloway@CarrollCountySchools.com

CCBOE Contact: Kay Morgan Phone: 770-832-3568    Email: Kay.Morgan@CarrollCountySchools.com


Title I and Parent Involvement

The purpose of schoolwide Title I programs is to improve the entire educational program in a Title I school, which should result in improving the academic achievement of all students, particularly the lowest-achieving students.  The goal of such a program is to assist the lowest-achieving students to demonstrate proficiency on academic achievement standards. The Title I Schoolwide plan and Schoolwide Notebook is located in the front office conference room of the school. Parents will have access to review both documents as well as utilize the Parent Resource Center. A computer, phone, color printer and supplies are available in this area for parent use.